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Acer Aspire IDea520BD
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   Acer Aspire IDea520BD Lovely Cartoon USB Hand Warmer Mouse Pad (Random Color)


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Product Description

    For the Acer Aspire IDea520BD Desktop Computer: You may have a deep realize that using computer mouse in the cold winter, your hands feel frozen and the stiff fingers become Inflexible, that is impact your work efficiency and the emotion of the game directly. The naissance of this mouse pad change this situation, this have a soft heating material plush cloth covers with in the ordinary mouse pad, the material temperature can reach and constant 45degrees through the USB port, take your hand into the plush cloth when using the mouse, a room 20CM*22CM internal enough for you using freely. The voltage of the USB port is 5v, equivalent of dry batteries, and the temperature will not be too high.

  • It is a new style health care product and suit for those people who always use computer, such as student, office staff etc.
  • It is simple and user friendly, It is an ideal item be a gift.
  • Always keep your hand warm by using this warmer mouse pad in winter.
  • Just plug the warmer mouse pad into the USB port only. No batteries needed.
  • It is made of soft and comfort plush fabric with non-slip neoprene base.
  • Safe and reliable, this Hand Warmer Mouse Pad is effectively reduce the inconvenience to the user because of the hand stiffness.
  • It is powered by computer USB port, plug and play, so easily.

    Material: Thickening Senior cashmere, cotton
    Color: Random Color)
    USB Cable Length: 51.18inch (1.3m)
    Voltage: 5V
    Temperature: 40-50 degrees
    Heating material: nanometer carbon fiber heating chip
    Size: 8.66*8.86*1.97 inch (22*22.5*5cm)

  • SKU: 45172-676852
    Location: DIS-1234160283
  • Shipping Weight:    3.71 oz

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